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The Green-Zones App for tourists and private travellers by car and motorcycle

The Green-Zones App works using three different types of data. These are the map data of the environmental zones, the rules of the environmental zones and the resulting status of access rights of a vehicle type defined by the user.

The app is available as the free Green-Zones App (description and download below) and the Green-Zones Fleet-App for buses and trucks (description here, order the app here).

The Green-Zones App – The Green-Zones maps

The geodata map systems contained in the Green-Zones app with their high-resolution and zoomable maps represent the areas of Europe’s environmental zones and their borders. The outlines and areas of each environmental zone are detailed to the level of a crossroad. Overlapping environmental zones are displayed in different colour depths.
The maps of the environmental zones of Greece, Portugal, Hungary and Norway are only available from 15.10.2019 (Italy 2020).

Each environmental zone or diesel driving ban zone often has different rules from other zones in the country. The Green-Zones app provides a detailed representation of all exemptions and differences compared to other zones.

All information on the zone is only available for cars. Information on campers and vintage cars is available in a mini subscription. Details of zone maps for buses, vans and trucks are only available in the Green-Zones Fleet-App.

Address searches and GPS tracking are possible in the Green-Zones maps by purchasing an In-App for 2.99 €. The geolocation of a specific point is possible inside and outside the environmental zone.

All environmental zones are listed and classified by country and by area/city. Frequently visited destinations in an environmental zone are grouped in the Favorites view.

The Green-Zones App – The rules of the environmental zones

The Green-Zones app collects all data and rules of the European environmental zones and their exemptions. However, these detailed rules are only available when using a car, motorcycle, moped, bicycle, pedestrian or other non-motorised means of transport.
Changes to rules and exemptions and the presentation of future driving bans are only possible for cars by purchasing a unique In-App for 1.99 €.
For buses, vans and trucks
, however, details on all types of rules and exemptions are only available in the Green-Zones Fleet-App.

The rules of the environmental zones include additional information such as the name of the environmental zone (city name, metropolitan name, department name), a geographical description of the extension of the zone, the date of entry into force and whether the environmental zone is temporary, weather-dependent or permanent.

Furthermore, the app contains a list of already legally agreed tighter restrictions of the environmental zones, the amount of fines for infringements in the environmental zones as well as how to contact the environmental zone for exemptions.

In addition to exemptions, there are usually general exemptions that take into consideration the types of special vehicles and vehicle characteristics with regard to the right of access to environmental zones (disabled vehicles, cranes, circus caravans and trucks, vintage cars, etc.) which are shown in the Green-Zones app (but not for buses, light commercial vehicles and trucks).

In several countries, the rules of the environmental zones include the obligation to have an environmental badge or entry registration for the vehicle. A purchase of an environmental badge or registration is possible for all vehicle types in the Green-Zones app or here on the web.

Download the Green-Zones app for iOS
Download Green-Zones-App für Android

The Green-Zones App – The status of access rights and the notifications

The result of all rules and maps of each environmental zone is the status of access rights for each vehicle, which is determined by using the rules of a zone combined with the characteristics of a vehicle (up to 20).

Thanks to a map of Europe showing all environmental zones with green (permitted), red (prohibited) and orange (soon to be prohibited) colours, the user can see the status of access rights to an environmental zone in real-time.
It is possible to display the national and local driving bans on the basis of statutory exemptions or tighter rules using the calendar function for the next 365 days.

Weather-dependent traffic restriction notifications are displayed for the same day or the following day with the calendar function from 9 pm at the latest.

Weather-related access restrictions are based on the pollutant levels of each environmental zone in Europe. In many countries, they are determined by air quality monitoring institutes and a network of measuring stations that serve as a key deciding factor for applying temporary traffic restrictions. Attention: Blue zones, i.e. diesel driving bans, are only available in the app from 28.05.2019!

All the above functions are only available for cars, lightweight vehicles and non-motorised means of transport. For buses, vans and trucks that are exposed to particular risks in the environmental zones, it is only possible to display the status of access rights in the Green-Zones Fleet-App. Download the pdf brochure here.

A special feature of the Green-Zones app is the display of air pollutant values for nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM10), ozone (O3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In many European environmental zones, the values for PM10, NOx and ozone are decisive for the closure of a zone in the event of poor air quality.

Green-Zones distinguishes between the status green (good air quality), orange (critical air quality) and red (bad air quality).

Green-Zones shows the current carbon dioxide value in the atmosphere in order to document the progress of climate change. The value above 410 ppm, where the status changes from orange to red, has no impact on traffic restrictions in European environmental zones.
The air pollutant values of each zone are available free of charge to all users.

The Green-Zones App – Settings, orders and download

In the Green-Zones app, the users can set up to three vehicles or means of transport (in addition to the example vehicles). The already set up vehicles (cars, buses, trucks) make it possible to understand how the application works when activated by the user.

The set-up of the first vehicle is free of charge. If you want to add further vehicles or means of transport, you have the option of purchasing an In-App for 1.99 €.
The following vehicle types can be set up: cars, all lightweight vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, mopeds, etc.), as well as other non-motorised means of transport such as bicycles, skateboards, horses, etc. or, of course, pedestrians.
If you want to set up your own buses, trucks or light commercial vehicles, this is only possible in the Green-Zones Fleet-App. When setting up a pedestrian in the Green-Zones app, this can also be used as an app for air values in the European environmental zones.

During the short, first-time installation of the Green-Zones app, the most important characteristics of the respective vehicle are queried.
These include in particular the existing environmental badges and vehicle registrations for accessing European countries. If these are not available, you can purchase them in the Green-Zones Shop.

From January 2019, the version 2.0 of the Green-Zones app is available free of charge in 9 languages. The languages German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Italian and Czech are automatically set up via the user’s operating system.
A free download of the Green-Zones app is available for Android in the Play-Store and for iOS in the Appstore.

Real-time data and push notifications on driving bans for buses and trucks

For professional users of vehicle fleets who are exposed to higher risks due to driving bans and zone closures, the Green-Zones Fleet-App has developed daily updated data. The Green-Zones Fleet-App is used by bus and transport companies as well as other fleet companies.

Vehicle drivers and fleet managers can be informed in real-time via their smartphone or table about the status of access rights for each vehicle in the fleet in each European environmental zone and receive push notifications on weather-dependent traffic restrictions. All information on the Green-Zones Fleet-App, its three different versions and their costs is available on our Fleet Area. A summarized information can be found in our Info-Flyer for Fleets.

Download Green-Zones-App für Android
Download the Green-Zones app for iOS