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Frequent Asked Questions about the Environmental Badge and the Environmental Zones

You will find below the frequent asked questions and their answers about the environmental zones in Austria and about ordering an Austrian environmental badge.

How much does the environmental badge cost?
The environmental badge costs 39, 90 euros net, national fees, packaging and delivery included.

How long are the processing time and the delivery time?
The delivery takes place generally within a time frame between 3 and 7 days.

Are there general exceptions?
There are general exceptions for Austria. They are:
•    Emergency vehicle
•    Vehicles of the public services
•    Agricultural and forest vehicles
•    Specified vehicles of airport management
•    Vehicles of public interest (individual assessment), for example Funfair wagons

Vintage cars are in Austria generally NOT exempt. They should apply for an individual exceptional authorization.

Where can I apply for an individual exception?
An exceptional authorization in order to drive into the environmental zones must be applied by each city, in which you want to drive to.

What penalties am I risking without environmental badge?
If you drive without environmental badge in an environmental zone, you will be charged of a penalty up to 2.180 €. This concerns the driver as well as the company owing the vehicle. In case of an intentional act, fines up to 7.000 € can be charged.

Where do I have to stick the environmental badge and how long is it valid?
The environmental badge shall be stuck from the inside, in the lower right of the windscreen. As long as the emission class or the motor of the vehicle remain unmodified, the environmental badge remains valid for the life time of the vehicle.

Do I have to order an environmental badge for my car?
Currently, only Lorries and small trucks from the category N1, N2 and N3 can must bear an environmental badge. If case of a registration of your car as a small truck from the category N1, then you must also bear an environmental.