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Legal Framework of the Austrian Environmental Badge

The introduction of the environmental zones in Austria is based on the IG-L emissions protection law for the air BGBl. I Nr. 115/1997 dated 30.09.1997, which regulates generally the protection of the environment and the fight against pollution. The § 14 refers especially on road vehicles (here a ling to PDF 1997_115).

Based on this, a recast IG-L emissions protection law for the air entered into force in 2013, which strengthens some of the dispositions of the former law (here a link to the PDF document).
On 06.04.2012, the Austrian environmental badge was introduced to the "regulation for the classification of exhaust gases", which came into force on 01.09.2012 as BGBLA_2012_II . On 31.10.2014, an important complement to the law were introduced:  272. Verordnung des BGBLA. (pdf-document 272)

At the same time, a legislative decree came into force, including detailed requirements on the environmental badge. The decree settles, among other things, the appearance, the composition of the badge, its application on the vehicle and its assignment to the different emissions standards in the regulation for the classification of exhaust gases.

Prior to the legislative decree on emissions classification, several driving bans existed already within some parts of the low emission zones.  
Time and spatial restrictions had already been settled for trucks.