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Exception Rules

General Exceptions
General exceptions occur for:
•    Emergency vehicle
•    Vehicles of the public services
•    Agricultural and forest vehicles
•    Specified vehicles of airport management
•    Vehicles of public interest (individual assessment), for example Funfair wagons

The IG-L plate to fix on the vehicle

Individual exceptions
The Austrian environmental badge, mandatory for Lorries in order to drive into the Austrian environmental zones requires the standard EURO 1 for the vehicle. If it is not the case, because the vehicle is not equipped with a particulate filter or even if it is, does not reach the requirements of the standard EURO 1, an exceptional authorization can be applied for the vehicle. This authorization is generally time-limited and will be issued in form of a 15-20 cm IG-L sign.

The issuing of an exceptional authorization remains at the discretion of the competent environmental authorities of the federal state or of the city.
For an application of an exceptional authorization, the Austrian environmental authorities need the following information:

  • Reasons why an exceptional authorization should be delivered
  • Vehicle information including the current EURO standard
  • EURO standards of the other vehicles of the applicant’s fleet
  • Economic proofs justifying why the vehicle could not be equipped with a particulate filter

The information referred above can be given in English or German.

Beantragung von Ausnahmen
There are exceptions to every rule, which can be applied by the competent environmental authorities.  The exceptional authorization is valid for a delimited period of time or for one specific journey and for one or several vehicles of the applicant. You will find more details in the paragraph §14 (3) oft he IGL-L 2003. If an exceptional authorization has been granted, the vehicle concerned gets an IG-L sign from the environmental authorities.

The settling of the IG-L Plaque
The settling of the IG-L plaque should be made like follows:
For Lorries over 3, 5 tons, a round white plaque must be fixed next to the registration plate on the front and on the back of the vehicle.
For vehicle trains, a sticker with a 20cm diameter must be fixed next to the registration plate on the front and on the back of the vehicle.
For small trucks up to 3, 5 tons, a plaque fixed next to the registration plate on the back of the vehicle is enough. In this case, the IG-L sign can be smaller (diameter must be however of 15cm min.).