Heavy Financial Penalties in Case of a Missing Environmental Badge

In case of a missing or a wrong Austrian environmental badge on a vehicle, or in case of a too high speed on an identified IG-L highway, financial penalties up to 2.180 euros can be charged, according to the §30 (4) of the IG-L emissions protection law for the air dated 27.11.2015. In case of manipulations by the settling of a wrong environmental badge or by giving falls information in order to obtain a badge, the penalties can be raised to 7.270 euros, according to the §30 (2) IG-L law.
Since there is no common catalogue of fines in Austria, a fine up to 90 euros can be charged by driving into an environmental zone without badge by the designated authorities according to § 50 (1) VStG.

The fines incurred can be charged on the driver, on the owner of the vehicle or on the leader of the company, in other words, fines will be charged on the legally responsible person.

Important to know for foreigners

Important to know for foreigners: A fine of 70 Euro or more will be imposed in accordance with EU directive 2011/82 dated 25th November 2011 “in order to facilitate the cross-border exchange of information about traffic offences threatening the road safety”. An enforcement procedure in the home country will take place on default of payment which will be pursued until imprisonment.