Information about the Environmental Badge

The Austrian environmental badge has been introduced on 01.01.2015 in Austria. It is mandatory for Lorries, independent of their fuel type or total weight, in order to drive into an environmental zone. Small trucks registered in the N1 category (for tax benefits) are also concerned (list of small trucks models here).

The Austrian environmental badge (legally named “Abgas-Pickerl”) can be divided in 6 different colours depending of the EURO emissions standards and must be applied for each vehicle. The different colours obtainable from EURO 1 to 6 are black, red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The 5 or 6 last number of the chassis number of the vehicle are written on the environmental badge and the fuel type and the category of the vehicle are stamped on it.

Therefor stands P for particulate filter, M for vehicle category M, N for vehicle category N, D for diesel-driven vehicles, B for petrol-driven vehicles and A for alternative drive energies. The environmental badge has a size of 50 mm x 100 mm.

The environmental badge is not transferable and cannot be used for several vehicles. Every each vehicle needs its environmental badge. The badge remains indefinitely valid, as long as the motor does not get modified or retrofitted. This means that the badge remains valid also if the registration number of the vehicle gets modified.

One must differentiate the obligation of bearing an environmental badge for specific vehicles in the environmental zones from a demand on voluntary basis.

A vehicle can obtain the environmental badge if it responds to the requirements of the EURO standard. All the vehicle types can then apply for an environmental badge – which means also cars and busses. Vehicles equipped with a particulate filter can also obtain a badge. They will than get stamped on the letter P.

Vehicles which cannot get an environmental badge can apply for an exceptional authorization which will be valid in the city where to driver wants to drive to.

Vehicles falling under the obligation of bearing an environmental badge which will not be able to show it as a proof risk important financial penalties.