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The environmental badge is compulsory in Austria!

The environmental badge is compulsory in the environmental zones in Austria! -Penalties up to 2,000 euros can be charged

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The environmental badge is compulsory in Austria for trucks of category N1-N3
In 2012, different driving bans and circulation restrictions had been introduced in Austria, which have also been subject to an additional sticker requirement since 01.01.2015.

All vehicles are generally concerned, even cars. However, the environmental badge is mandatory only for trucks of categories N1, N2 and N3 when they enter one of the 6 environmental zones in Austria, and for cars registered as professional small trucks of category N1.

The environmental badge is delivered to all vehicles beginning from EURO 1 emission standard. However, entering the environmental zone is mostly allowed to vehicles responding at least to the EURO 2 standard. The main goal of this measure is to improve the air quality in a short term and to reduce the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide.

The 6 environmental zones are usually not limited to one city, but cover entire regions. At the moment, the "low emission zones" affect Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Tirol and Burgenland with an extension to the whole province or parts of the highways.

The violation of badge requirement can be charged with a penalty up to 2,200 euros.

The Environmental Badge in Austria
The Austrian environmental badge is mandatory for Lorries in the Austrian environmental zones since 01.01.2015. You will find here an overview about what type of vehicle can or must obtain an environmental badge regarding to its EURO standard in order to drive into environmental zones in Austria ...
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The mere purchase of an environmental badge or vignette in Europe, in itself, is often not enough. In many cases, what matters is the knowledge about which class of which badge or vignette can drive, currently, through which type of environmental zone. More about the real-time information services of Green-Zones here ...
The prescriptions regulating the circulation in the Austrian environmental zones are also applicable on the European traffic since 01.01.2015.  Environmental zones are now regulated in the IG-L emission protection law for the air dated 30.09.1997 and in a regulation dated 06.04.2012 and concern 6 Austrian federal states over 9 ...
If a vehicle does not respond to the required EURO standard, it will not obtain the Austrian environmental badge of the right colour and will then not be allowed to drive into the Austrian environmental zones.   However, to receive an exceptional authorization, a few formalities shall be considered. ...

Environmental zones, entry bans and speed limits in Austria

You can find the interactive and zoomable form of this environmental zone map in our free Green-Zones App

Clean air for the inhabitants of Austrian cities: this is the main goal of environmental zones, which have been so far introduced in 6 out of 9 Austrian federal states.Thanks to the Austrian environmental badge, the emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide (NOx) are reduced. So far, this measure only concerns the delivery traffic, since it is considered the main source of pollutants emissions in Austria. In the future, the badge requirement will most probably be extended to cars and busses, as the country does still not comply with the EU limit values and regulations on particulate matter and NOx.

Trucks - and especially those responding to the EURO 0 and EURO 1 standards, which pollute the most - need a particulate filter reducing their emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, otherwise they are not allowed to drive within the environmental zones of the corresponding highways and regions.

Since entry bans and circulation restrictions are probably not sufficient to improve the air quality, traffic bans also partially occur for EURO 2 vehicles since 2014. For the same reason, the Austrian Ministry for Environment decided to adjust the Ambient Air Quality Act in 2012, in order to enforce the federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria and Burgenland which can now decide on the introduction of environmental zones and their contours.
Trucks, counting among the most polluting vehicles, need an Austrian environmental badge in order to enter the environmental zones. If the vehicle does not comply with the requirements of EURO emission standards, an exceptional, time-limited authorisation can be issued.

On 01.07.2014, (after 2 years of driving bans for EURO 0) the bans were partly extended and tightened to EURO 1 and 2.

The introduction of environmental zones and of the Austrian environmental badge raises many questions for tourists and professional drivers. You will find the most important questions and their answers in our FAQ ...
Nitrogen Oxides and fine dust, particularly from diesel vehicles, are the reason why Austria introduced environmental zones and the Umwelt-Pickerl. People who want to know how and where nitrogen oxide and fine dust have an effect on health and harm humans in whichever way can get detailed information here ...
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The German environmental badge, also called emissions sticker, is provided for Euro-4 vehicles which intend to enter into German environmental zones. Information about the German emissions sticker is offered in 21 languages and can be purchased through us within 24 hours ...
Green Zones informs its audience about the topics fine dust /nitrogen oxide, environmental issues and CO2. We operate more than 40 websites in more than 20 languages where you can find information about the increasing traffic restrictions in EU countries because of the creation of environment zones  ...
You will find here an overview of the different badge types that are issued by national authorities regarding fine dust, Nitrogen oxides, CO2, Electro mobility and additional environmental matters. You can obtain here the required badges for each country in Europe ...